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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Silver Lining - The Review Pt. 2

This is in continuation of the review part one from the book - Silver Lining by Elizabeth Uzoma Egwu, a mass communication undergraduate student of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. 
The title of the Book

The title of the book is Silver Lining. The colour ‘Silver’ is a metallic colour tone resembling gray that is a representation of the colour of polished silver. Silver Lining is a term used mostly to encourage people in time of despair. It is proverbial meaning that for every bad situation there is a little bit of good in it.

Its origin or history began when it was used by John Milton, A Mask presented by Ludlow Castle in 1634 when he says ‘turn forth her silver lining on the night’ it was not until the Victorian era that the term – ‘there is a silver lining to every cloud’ in the review of the novel Marian or A young Maid’s Fortunes by Mrs. S. Hall which was published in 1840. Ever since then, the term ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ stuck. This term ‘Silver Lining’ is neither strange nor uncommon as it has been used in various artistic and theatrical forms. The first novel having similar title ‘Silver Lining Playbook’ by Matthew Quick was later turned into a movie by renowned movie director – David O. Russell in 2012 starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence with Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker.

In Godwin 3ple-i’s Silver Lining, Goddy tries to overcome all odds in his life and relationship with Tina. When he meets Tina even with her father’s prejudice and her neighbourhood hostility he still looks on the bright side as he is able to snag Tina to be on his side. Even when he manages to get Tina, he is hit with the reality that she is already with someone. He still looks for a Silver Lining and continues to live until Tina decides to be with him. Even the little squabbles he had with Tina does not deter him. Tina’s betrayal and his losing his means of livelihood almost got him but with his renewal of his faith, he is able to forgive Tina and gets another job.

With the already existing distance between Goddy and Tina which hinder a lot of things, their relationship continued. All through the novella, Goddy prevails. The writer by literal means therefore makes the end tricky with the question – Will Goddy prevail? The end is promising he feels deserted but tries to be strong despite the hurt he has faced from his previous love affairs with two women – Tina and Joyce.

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