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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Left For Good vs. Left For Good. The Writers Lens™

Left For Good is no doubt a brilliant song put together by Waje featuring Patoranking. It was however, remixed excellently well by Bayelsa’s rising star – Jah Wondah. From all indication, it’s an unusual love song that celebrates relationship break up as its chorus reads “thought you left me for bad but you left for good. Please don’t come back in my life I don’t mean to be rude… since you’ve been gone I’ve been doing fine and nobody can take what is mine…” other than relationship make up.

Sadly, in most developing nations with no exception to Nigeria, the music industry is characterised with mediocrity. To this end we hear a lot of musical rubbish circulating within the airwaves. However it would take an astute music investor or stakeholder with a high dose of INTEGRITY to negate worthless songs and embrace quality songs.  And by this I mean songs that are properly produced with thought provoking lyrics, “exceptional vocal delivery ‘no auto tunes’ and consumable visuals”.

Jah Wondah
The song Left For Good is an outstanding song with exceptionally good consumable visuals. From the Nigeria reggae dancehall music perspective, this song by my accounts is the only Nigeria reggae song with a reggae cover done by a Nigerian reggae singer who goes by the name – Jah Wondah. 

Without any shard of sentiment, Jah Wondah’s lyrics as captioned here - “Waje you pretty like a princess in a palace… me go buy you Range Rover, Rolls Royce… man feel better seeing your face full of joy… Waje I’m not the one to ever make you cry, every day I want to be the one to make you smile…” was punchy with panache to say the least.

On the other hand, Nigeria’s reggae dancehall sensation – Patoranking contributed immensely with his lyrical delivery as captured here - “I’ve been waiting for this moment so long but I hope you understand, I’ve been trying not to make things go wrong, but I’m only just a man… we meant to be like Jack and Jane...

From my analysis these two artistes (Patoranking and Jah Wondah) displayed remarkable creativity and uniqueness in this song. However, Empress Waje on the flip side remains the incorruptible judge to give judgement between Patoranking and Jah Wondah whom she will accept IF there is ever going to be a choice to be made by her between these two wicked piece of artistes (borrowing a leaf from Jamaican patois).

These crop of reggae dancehall artistes are every inch gifted and talented I say keep the flame Jah Wondah for this heart felt remix (refix) and I pray you do not relent in your stride to uplift your state and Nigeria intentionally as it concerns reggae dancehall music globally.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Mirror™ - My People

Indigenous patriotism is more than a virtue. It is next after appreciating and protecting indigenous rights regardless of status quo.

The following words; Remorseful, Grieved and Anger are words in my own opinion that best describe the tone, vocal delivery, lyrics and production of the song - My People. 

The chorus: my people are dying / niger delta children crying / our rights denying ... instantly gets you feeling pity for the Niger Delta citizenry with open endless questions popping up on what the government of Nigeria has been doing or would not do to better the living standards of the Niger Delta people, on the other hand we need not forget the international corporations in this region benefiting immensely from this deceit. 

This song is not your commercial, romantic or club hit song. The lyrics: we mother, we father and we children cry... we loosing love once in twinkle of an eye... dem say Niger Delta we are minority they can't develop our place... that's why the ghetto youths can't stop blowing dynamite are conscious, thought provoking and rich in its message which portrays citizens injustice to fellow citizens in the same nation.

Jah Wondah pours out his displeasure without a shred of sentiment as he calls on the Niger Delta ancestors to eliminate the lives and bestow evil calamities on Niger Delta traitors. Hmm! What a gut!

No doubt, it is not the only reality song to talk about the plight of the 'minority' but like the oroko tree, Jah Wondah's My People song stand tall as a point of reference calling to mind the legendary Bob Marley’s  song – War and also the 1964 UN aching speech delivered by Emperor Hallie Selassie of Ethiopia.

Like Jah Wondah, let Niger Delta and Nigeria (African), African Union, ECOWAS and the international communities begin to effect positive and impactful changes before the ignite of an untold revolution.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Mirror™ – Charlie Dance

Joining the league of Nigerian performing artistes (Daddy Showkey, Marvelous Benjy, Iyanya and host of others) who created dance steps to their name, Ozzy Bee drops Charlie Dance video his most anticipated single of 2016.

Charlie Dance is a mild hip funk song featuring Nigeria’s most controversial rap icon Rugged Man and one of Nigeria’s finest rapper Vector who holds the rap crown for bursting non-stop for two hours on Rhythm FM 93.7 entertainment programme – rap culture.

Charlie Dance audio was officially released for public consumption on August 4th, 2016. Despite been available online via notable online entertainment website, the video to Charlie Dance officially was released on February 14th, 2017 during Ozzy Bee three–in–one Valentine concert.

The video which was directed by MattMax, shot on location at marina, Lagos, an empty hall with white, black and mixed colour background. With an impressive choreography and costume together with Kaffy’s super cool cameo appearance, it is indeed the video to talk about coming from a teenage entertainer.

The audio production is cool, calm and not cancerously distorting. Noticeable musical instrumentation was rightly used and combined together for the listening pleasure of the senses. The lyrics are a blend of edutainment “…wana be a superstar, go to school and read your book… all work and no play make me a dull boy but Ozzy Bee is not a dull boy…” without restriction even for a child’s birthday. The chorus “watch me do my dance… when I lean back when I lean forward watch me do my dance, help me call my friends to watch me do my dance…” is easy to memorize, remember and sing along.

Yesterday, it was “shoki” and “shakiti bobo” from Lil Kesh and Olamide respectively. Today it’s “charlie dance” from Ozzy Bee Nigeria’s rising teenage entertainer. Tomorrow who will it be and what will the dance be called?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The MIRROR™ - Ife Dakun

The chorus of Ife Dakun, the second single from GT The GuitarMan’s third studio album, Animal Instinct, sings:

Love I’m waiting for you
Love if I don’t see you, I wouldn’t sleep
Love if I don’t see you, I can’t eat

Ife Dakun is a Yoruba phrase from western Nigeria meaning Love Please. Released on the eve of 2017 St. Valentine Day courtesy of Ember Entertainment, it is a soft afro pop tempo song with a genuine message of love.
Delivered in an easy to relate Nigerian language – Pidgin English and traditional Yoruba language – the intro (baby baby my beautiful lady / e get wetin dey my mind / e don tey wey we don dey / I no wan ever leave your side…) of the song instantly gets you hooked as GT’s charming voice tells you how he honestly, innocently and deeply needs to love and be loved.
Though not the regular cancerous beat, the instrumentation of the song captures the moment with memories of happy butterflies. Love is a powerful therapy, breaking boundaries with ease.
Thumbs Up, GT The GuitarMan!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Rising Star™ - BigMan

In as much as size is nothing, Emmanuel Olaoluwa better known by the stage name – Big Man has proven beyond reasonable doubt that size has nothing to do with talent and potentials.

BigMan live on stage
Born and raised in Bariga, few of the notorious suburbs still existing on the mainland in Lagos, Nigeria. He was discovered in December of 2015 during a hood reggae dancehall challenge tagged ITAL SOUNDS RIDDIM CLASH REPPING UR HOOD AJ CITY Vs FESTAC. It is pertinent to note this CLASH culture within reggae dancehall has assisted in shaping the future and careers of number of artistes within this genre in Jamaica and the World beyond. Ital Sounds as a sound system has continued to push and advance this culture in Nigeria despite the reluctance and short-sightedness of artistes.

Big Man has come to understand the culture of reggae dancehall music and importance of the various and numerous mentorship and tutelage he receives from Ital Sounds team. Within the first half of 2016, Big Man has proven to his fans and foes that patience and dedication are some of the hallmarks of success.

He copiously wowed the audiences at different intervals within the outgoing year (2016), some of these moments includes; the memorial celebration of Afrobeat Legend - Fela at New Afrika Shrine in Ikeja, Reggae Legend - Bob Marley’s Remembrance at All Seasons Hotel garden in Gowon estate and Freedom Park, Nigeria then colonial prison turn centre for Arts and Cultural events. With his feet consistently on the accelerator for success Big Man would eventually emerge as the next big thing for reggae dancehall music in Nigeria (African). 

He is beginning to master the sing-jay style from the various mentorships received from the Ital Sounds Team. The classroom effect live on stage every Tuesday at the New Afrika Shrine is indeed evident in his delivery and overall performance. The WORD they say is enough for the WISE, the question is HOW WISE ARE YOU? 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Let’s talk Music - The Good The Bad & The Ugly™

Knowing the truth, accepting the truth and confessing the truth regardless of emotional sentiments is the sure path for outstanding excellence.

A good chuck (90%) of today’s music lacks substance especially its contents.

In the words of Sesan Adeniji of “why are artistes’ albums empty and devoid of substance and quality? …sometimes is keep pressing next …” it has become a noticeable undeniable fact that stakeholders (Artiste, Producers, A&R, Promoters, Media Houses, and DJays including the consumers) in the business of music need to tell themselves nothing but the TRUTH.

Music is an extra-ordinary powerful tool with in depth interpretations and understanding. For some, it is life. For others it is food for the soul. And yet for others it is a healing therapy. Why? Conscious lyrics, rhymes, rhythm and melody are irresistible.

As a lucrative growing enterprise, extra undivided attention must be given to the smallest of details for either a song or an album to truly withstand the test of time.

Thumbs up to artistes and music producers that have remained consistent in presenting evergreen albums and beats. As an artiste literary, my music is translated into strokes of lines as a growing Author. However, the truth remain NOT every individual will become an artiste. Not all artistes are gifted songwriters. Not all songwriters are soul lifting vocalist. And not all vocalists are excellent performers.

Though, what seems like poison for xyz could be, ‘yommilicious’ for abc. But remember, diminishing returns. Yommilicious abc fans in no time not only get tired and bored but irritated by this same song.

Another truth underneath the carpet is that music has succeeded in creating employment. It is no surprise that the difference is very clear between the authentic artiste and those wannabes artistes. In this regard I refuse to be Pontius Pilate, without favour, the good I find in today’s trending music, is that the sheep that has sense for quality music is not, shall not, would not and cannot allow its sense to be contaminated.