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Monday, April 16, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Three Artists selected for 2018 Lagos-Berlin Residencies

Jumoke Adeyanju
In 2018, the Goethe-Institut Nigeria in the context of its partnership with the Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) in Berlin, the cultural office of local government Berlin Mitte, SAVVY Contemporary Art Space Berlin and the Arthouse Foundation in Lagos, continues with a residency programme for artists and curators from Berlin and Lagos. The selected artists are Ojudun Taiwo Jacob (Nigeria) and Natalia Orendain del Castillo and Jumoke Adeyanju (Germany).

Since its founding in 2015, the aim of Artist’s and Curator’s Residency Berlin-Lagos has been initiated to strengthen the dialogue between Germany and Nigeria. It provides an individualized offer in order to get an insight into the art and culture scene of the respective city and the partner institutions. They will offer possibilities of exchange, mentoring, making contacts and the presentation of work results. 
Taiwo Jacob Ojudun

The first to participate in this project in 2015 was the artist and curator Folakunle Oshun from Lagos, Nigeria. He supported Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh at working on his solo exhibition “No food for the lazy man” at Galerie Wedding. The following year, performance and video artist Tito Aderemi-Ibitola presented her projects that have been dealing with topics like female identity, gender roles and racism

Thanks to the new partner Arthouse Foundation, the residency programme could be set up bilaterally in 2018. For the first time, two artists, living and working in Berlin, have the opportunity to come to Lagos for a six-week stay each in the cultural capital of western Africa.

Natalia O. Del Castilo
Two juries in Germany and Nigeria selected the residency holders among more than 60 applications.

Natalia Orendain del Castillo, a Mexican-born visual artist and scenographer, and Jumoke Adeyanju, an all-round-artist, dancer and poet, will travel to Lagos in autumn. At about the same time, The Nigerian artist Ojudun Taiwo Jacob will start a three month residence in Berlin.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines support West African artists residency tour in Molue Mobile Museum.

Emeka Udemba, Friederike Moschel, Director Goethe Institut
and Robin Sohdi, Gen. Mgr Lufthansa Nigeria / Equitorial Guinea

Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines are supporting "Stretched Terrains – The Mobile Museum on its Way to Dak'Art", a residency program for young artists from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Germany on the move spanning several countries in West Africa.

“'Stretched Terrains' is a great platform to show the strengths of Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines in West Africa working closely together and supporting the development of young African talents”, says Robin Sohdi, Lufthansa General Manager Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.

On April 11, 2018, starting from Lagos, the artist group will begin a six-week journey with a Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines branded, converted public transport bus, called the Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art. They will cross through Benin, Togo, Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Mali, with a planned arrival in Dakar, Senegal at the beginning of May, right in time for the opening of the13th International Biennial Dak'Art" exhibition. The artists will be greeted at every stop by the Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and Goethe-Institut teams. Furthermore, they will display their artwork at each destination they stop at. Once they reach Senegal, the artists will stay for the Dak'Art" exhibition until May 07, when they will start their journey back to Lagos. On their way back, they will make stops again at all the previous Goethe-Institut locations they visited on the way to the exhibition, planning to arrive in Lagos on May 25.

During their journey, the artists examine diverse public spaces as communication zones of social, economic and political interaction. The project embraces the diversity of practices and perspectives of the participating artists, who will discuss and exchange their artistic interactions as they travel almost 10,000-kilometers on a road trip. The artwork, which will be created in Dakar and during the journey, will be presented and discussed along the way back to Nigeria at the Goethe-Institutes and cultural centers at Dakar, Bamako, Abidjan, Accra, Lomé and Lagos.

The Nigerian artist Emeka Udemba, who is living in Germany, is the curator of the project. The whole journey can be followed on the weblog, Stretched Terrains, and on social media with the hashtag #StretchedTerrains "Stretched Terrains – The Mobile Museum on the Way to Dak'Art" is a project by Goethe-Institut Nigeria, supported by Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines is renowned for its Africa-expertise and is now fully integrated in the Lufthansa Group. While Lufthansa is Europe's only 5 Star airline, and founder of Star Alliance, the largest airline network in the world.

Monday, April 9, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: The Only Jealousy of Emer

Nigerian Carnival Ireland is an organisation that supports the cultural integration of Nigerians reland through showcasing Nigerian Culture. Their production of The Only Jealousy of Emer will travel to Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, to present the work of one of Ireland’s best known writers, William Butler Yeats.

Part of the Cuchulain Cycle of five plays written by Yeats about the life and death of the mythic Irish hero Cuchulain; The Only Jealousy of Emer continues Yeats’ experiments with the Japanese Noh as a way of bringing onto the stage demons, ghosts and supernatural events as part of the natural world. Cuchulain has killed his son and in grief attempts to fight the sea. Half drowned, he lies in a state between life and death with his wife Emer and his mistress Eithne watching over him. But is he dead or is something far more sinister about to occur as these two women struggle to revive him?

Yeats approach to mythology, ritual and the supernatural resonates strongly with African culture and the exciting part of staging his plays with a Nigerian cast is that their work as actors naturally utilises their approach to rhythm, movement, song and verse. The production features two well-known Nigerian actors who have lived in Dublin for many years, Deji and Yemi Adenuga, whose appearance will be of great interest in their native Nigeria. The plays Director Ray Yeates (a former Deputy

Artistic Director of The Abbey Theatre) has directed many of Yeats’ plays in Ireland and the U.S. and recently directed this play at Torn Page in New York. In this production, Nigerian and Irish culture combine to create a unique experience.

The Only Jealousy of Emer stars Yemi Adenuga, Deji Adenuga, Oluwayomi Ogunyemi, Penelope
Aniuzu and Deola Gimbiya

The production is supported by Culture Ireland, Dublin City Council and Irish Embassy in Nigeria.

Presented by Nigerian Carnival Ireland   I  Directed by Ray Yeates  I   Produced by Melissa Nolan

Thursday 12th April 2018 7pm BON Hotel, Abuja

Saturday 14th April 2018 4pm & 7pm Freedom Park, Lagos

Further information:
Melissa Nolan,
Yemi Adenuga,

Notes to the Editor:

Nigerian Carnival Ireland:
NIGERIAN CARNIVAL IRELAND (NCI) is the first of its kind celebration of Nigeria and Nigerians in the Republic of
Ireland, bringing Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria together in the largest such gathering. It is the biggest and most popular mainstream Nigerian outdoor event in Ireland and Europe.

Friday, April 6, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Frankfurt Fellowship Programme 2018, applications are now open.

This year, the renowned Frankfurt Fellowship Programme of the Frankfurter Buchmesse is in its 20th year. Established in 1998, the international programme promotes the exchange of information and the creation of an international network between publishing professionals from all around the world. Applications for the 2018 edition of the funding programme are now being accepted; the deadline to apply is 30 April 2018. Young publishing professionals, including publishers, editors, agents and rights managers, are encouraged to apply.

As part of the two-week programme, Frankfurt Fellows will learn about various international book markets, take part in matchmaking events and expand their professional networks. Beginning on 30 September 2018, the 16 chosen participants will visit publishing houses and bookshops in three German cities and attend networking events. The highlight of the programme is the Frankfurter Buchmesse (10-14 October 2018).

“The Fellowship Programme has widened my perspective of the industry and broadened my network. I always consider what I do locally within the much wider framework of various world markets. This perspective, I think, contributed to my being chosen for the job I have now”, says Andrea Pasion-Flores, General Manager of Anvil Publishing (the Philippines) and a former Frankfurt Fellow.

“A strong international network is essential in our industry. In the past two decades, more than 330 publishing talents from 59 countries have participated in our Fellowship Programme. The programme allows young professionals to increase their knowledge about foreign publishing markets and often results in long-lasting business contacts and friendships across the world”, says Bärbel Becker, Director International Projects at the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

One of the 2018 Fellowship participants will receive funding as a “Fred Kobrak Frankfurt Fellow”. Established by his family in 2017 in memory of Fred Kobrak – a dedicated and long-serving player in the international publishing industry who passed away in December 2016 – the fund will cover the travel and accommodation costs for one Frankfurt Fellow each year for ten years. Fred Kobrak attended the Frankfurter Buchmesse for 56 years in a row. Through this fund, his family wishes to help give young publishing professionals an opportunity to participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Applicants should have several years' experience in the publishing industry and a good command of English. The application form and other relevant information about applying to the Frankfurt Fellowship Programme 2018 is available online at

Applications must include the completed application form, three letters of recommendation from international business associates as well as a recommendation from the management of the applicant’s own publishing house.

Please send your complete application via e-mail to the address indicated below:

• Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka: German Book Office (GBO) New Delhi,
Ms Prashasti Rastogi,

• China, Hong Kong, Taiwan: Book Information Centre (BIZ) Beijing, Ms Yingxing Gong,

• Russia: Book Information Centre (BIZ) Moscow, Ms Anastasia Milekhina,

• USA, English-speaking Canada: Frankfurt Book Fair New York Inc. Ms Michelle Claussen

• Other countries: Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH, Frankfurt, Ms Niki Théron

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Stretched Terrains

For the second time since 2016, the Goethe-Institut Nigeria initiates a mobile residency program titled "Stretched Terrains – The Mobile Museum on its Way to Dak'Art" with a group of young artists from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Germany.

The group will start the six-week journey with an old converted public transport bus, the Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art, on April 11, 2018 in Lagos. Crossing Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Mali, they will eventually arrive in Dakar, Senegal right at the opening of the 13. International Biennial DaK'Art, beginning in May. On May 07, they will head back to Nigeria, where they will finally arrive on May 25.

On their journey, the artists examine diverse public spaces as communication zones of social, economic and political interaction/intervention/disruption. The project embraces the diversity of practices and perspectives of the participating artists, who will discuss and exchange their artistic interactions as they travel the approximately 10.000-kilometer road trip. The artworks, which will be created in Dakar and during the journey will be presented and discussed along the way back to Nigeria at the Goethe-Institutes and cultural centres at Dakar, Bamako, Abidjan, Accra, Lomé and Lagos.

The challenge for the artists, but also the special character of the project is the frequent re- location, the constantly changing framework and the unexpected connected with the journey. Experimental in nature, the project encourages exchange and collaboration among participating artists and the public.

The Nigerian artist Emeka Udemba, who is living in Germany, is the curator of the project. The whole journey can be followed on the weblog, Stretched Terrains, and social media with the hashtag #StretchedTerrains

"Stretched Terrains – The Mobile Museum on the Way to Dak'Art" is a project by Goethe-Institut Nigeria, supported by Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines”

Friday, December 1, 2017

My Business My Media. The Writers Lens™

Citizen Journalism is geometrically growing. Registered media firms no longer holds monopoly to news and events happenings. Today's ICT gadgets, especially smartphones, has made it simply easy for news and events to be reported real-time online as it happens. 

Sunday 12th November at the prestigious five star Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos Nigeria, recognised and unrecognised media firms were denied access into the auditorium of the 2017 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA).

Although, the media firms NO access to the auditorium policy was not a pleasant news to the tens of thousands of media firms anxiously excited to cover the much publicised and talked about award. But from the business perspective, it was justifiable.  

Dismayed. Speechless. Disappointed. This is exactly how I felt from within at the New Afrika Shrine (venue for Afrofusion Reggae Nite courtesy of Ital Sounds System every Tuesday) upon sighting the notice "Please NO Recording. Order by Management" boldly written in front of the stage, the right-hand and left-hand side of the open space few meters away from the stage. 

The reason for their refusal of media coverage is because of the enormous benefits on the internet especially YouTube which has made citizen journalist millionaires and billionaires as predicated by Bill Gates in his book "Business at the speed of thought"

YouTube is a non-stop money spinner which acknowledges, support, respect intellectual creativity and its creators. It holds an unbreakable record for anything and everything video. A safe haven for yet-to-be celebrated creative persons regardless of region and all the self identity "bullshit".

Media business on the internet is more than profit. It is giving and receiving transacted on an arena of integrity. Event organisers, media firms inclusive can't operate in isolation. Both need each other. 

In my opinion, a constant scrolling message at the bottom of the screen by the media firms acknowledging the event organiser during live reporting or post-live reporting keeps the relationship cordial. 

Once payment is being received from YouTube for an event organiser video, uploaded by a secondary owner (media firm), the primary owner needs to know, get paid (in the form of  royalty) a certain percentage by the secondary owner and an agreed sharing ratio reached for continuous mutual business relationship.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Social Media Disclaimer. The Writers Lens™

The catch phrase "retweets are not endorsements" which is terribly obsolete now according to Patrick LaForge suddenly comes alive amongst social media users recently. 

LaForge, whose twitter handle is identified as @palafo is inarguably attributed with the catch phrase "retweets are not endorsements" as then used on his twitter bio about a decade ago is the editor of express team @nytimes breaking news and general assignment desk. 

His intention then was genuinely sincere as he (LaForge) used it as a disclaimer because of the spread of misinformation online which was then and today poorly understood to both protect his personal reputation and that of the firm (@nytimes "links and retweets of non-NYT content are not endorsements") he was working for.

LaForge, who realised he did create a social media monster admitted that the catch phrase "... makes him cringe now" in an interview with @cwarzel of @BuzzFeedNews on 15 April 2014 has updated his twitter bio with "every day is a good day".

Although, a school of thought is of the opinion that retweets are not endorsements. However, the social media school of thought in its opinion agrees that retweets are endorsements. 
The latter school recognised retweets as a word in its dictionary freely licensed for use but at users own discretion and risk.

Talking about trending social media platforms, its negatives can't be ignored nor has it outweighed its positives as extra caution must be every users watch rule. 

I recall sometime in 2016 on Facebook, users posted some form of disclaimer ("I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or posts, both past and future. By this statement, I give notice to Facebook it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, or take any other action against me based on this profile and/or its contents. The content of this profile is private and confidential information") note to Facebook on their respective facebook "what's on your mind" page instructing Facebook NOT to use their uploaded pictures. Some selected users (I'm excluded) ignorantly copied and pasted on their facebook wall or possibly shared it without x-raying the possible outcomes. 

In reality, Facebook did not in anyway forcefully ask for your pictures, users voluntarily signed up so as to connect with family, friends, business associates and others. This is not attributed to Facebook alone, but all social media platforms.

Does any social media platform user read to understand the terms, conditions and user policy before signing up ?

From religion to politics, business to education and entertainment, the various in-use social media platforms directly or indirectly is an integral part of everything today.

As for me, once, I come across any post on any of the social media platforms I use, its my choice to like, comment, share for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn or retweet for Twitter.

Retweet is "willingly" reposting or forwarding another individual's post without the individual consent. This individual maybe on your approved network of friends or not. 

Endorsement is a satisfactory written or oral approval given for either a subject or object without the latter's consent. This subject or object could be a product, service, person, company and possibly a social media post like mine which you are likely going to like, comment, share or retweet.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sterling Bank Ogba branch support Spelling Bee Competition. The Writers Lens™

The Ogba branch of Sterling Bank Plc recently supported an annual Spelling Bee Competition. The educational event which was initiated by Adewale Solu and hosted by the Overcomers Sanctuary Parish, Lagos Province 9, Ifako Family of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), since its inception in 2015 had Sosanya Oluwaseun and Olamilekan Oluwagbenga emerged as winners in the junior and senior categories. To this end they both went home with a special educational gift package from Sterling Bank Plc.

In the maiden edition of this educational Spelling Bee Competition Adelayi Toluwani emerged as a winner in the junior category whilst Joseph Uduak came out tops in the senior category. However in 2016, Ayo Omoniyi Olufela was the winner in the junior category and Adesola Adeola took the day in the senior category soaring high like an eagle clinching the ultimate prize. 

The Sterling Bank Ogba branch spokesperson Mrs. Olusola Ambode expressed total commitment and positivity towards supporting the Spelling Bee Competition. According to her Education is an integral arm amongst the three areas of Sterling Bank’s corporate social responsibility programmes. They also have an array of financial products, notably the I CAN SAVE formerly known as Minor Account. Which is actually a product dedicated specially to today’s emerging leaders’ ages 0 – 18years. 

Speaking further with Mrs Olusola on the numerous benefits of the I CAN SAVE account, she went on to say “with a minimum of two thousand naira, any growing teen or youth becomes a proud holder of the I CAN SAVE account”. 

Other benefits include; a special surprise birthday party for any I CAN SAVE account holder who has a minimum of a hundred thousand naira and above in his/her account in any location of their choice. Parents of the I CAN SAVE account holder who maintain their salary account with Sterling Bank can access a loan for their child’s school fees. For other benefits of I CAN SAVE account, please visit

Sterling Bank Plc, a full fledge Nigerian commercial financial institution which against all odds from its incorporation in 1960, first licensed Nigerian merchant bank in 1969, to its listing on the floor of the Nigeria Stock Exchange as a public company in 1992 and its merger acquisition in 2006 complying to the apex bank consolidation directives, undoubtedly is a shining example amongst financial institutions in Nigeria as they continue to throw their weight and robust support to educational programmes that would benefit the younger generation.