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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Silver Lining – The Review Pt. 1

This article is in fulfillment of my promise as stated in the article title - Quantity or Quality, which makes a good book? Below is the review of the book - Silver Lining by Elizabeth Uzoma Egwu, a mass communication undergraduate student of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. 

The Synopsis
Goddy is a practitioner in the entertainment world. Being prone to their vivacious and precarious life, his busy schedule does not let him to be involved, settle down or be in any serious relationship. All these, changes when his friend, Richard, invites him to attend a meeting in an NGO. Richards and Goddy are childhood friends but had some early discrepancies in their relationship because Richards always claimed to be the senior in the duo. Richards seems to have outgrown some tendencies and has become reserved with family life. In this NGO meeting, Goddy meets a lady who stuns and intrigues him. The lady responds rather cordially. The meeting of this lady brings him closer to his childhood friend, Richards. This enhanced friendship further leads to approaching this lady with his bold step, he enquires her name.

Tina – Goddy’s dream girl, according to Goddy’s delight feels already at ease with him, her family (especially her mother) is pleased to meet him. In spite of the embarrassment he gets from her father, he is not deterred. A cordial friendship then develops between Goddy and Cynthia, Tina’s sister. He promises Cynthia a visit; during the visit he meets Tina. Goddy through Cynthia’s witty insinuations is able to take Tina out to hang out with his friends. In this very occasion, Tina turns cold and drawn from the rest of the evening. Later on, Goddy and Tina share their first kiss. A misunderstanding ensues later due to Goddy’s tactlessness in expressing his surprise towards her visit.

Trying to re-enact his relationship he acquaints his writer friend Phil, who encourages him to apologise and try to woo Tina back. This amounts to a failure with Tina turning him down, admitting that she is not ready to give up her existing relationship. Goddy begins to receive stinkers and threats from hoodlums in the ghetto where Tina resides, asking him to stay clear of her. Goddy and Tina shared their Christmas together having her in his apartment for two days because of her mother’s approval. He takes her out to see his ‘Big Bros’ also known or called Brokus in showbiz who host an annual Christmas celebration with his neighbours. There, Tina had a nice time hanging out with big names in showbiz, and the duo gets Christmas gifts / hampers.

Goddy gets fired from work and is desolate and despondent. He can hardly keep up with the lifestyle he had, with his difficulty in paying bills. His only option becomes to move in with ‘Big Bros’. Tina becomes sick and calls for his attention but Goddy cannot do anything for her. Goddy advises her to go see his doctor friend. Tina takes another option to collect the money from her ex-boyfriend. Goddy exorcises her out of his life when he finds out.

Goddy becomes restless and searches for something, anything to contain his emptiness. He finds an inspiring article which takes its references from the Bible. He is visited by Cynthia, Tina’s sister, who looks well to do now. Cynthia tries to intercede for her sister but, it leads to no avail with Goddy. Two days later, Goddy discovers that it would soon be Tina’s birthday; he apologises to Cynthia for his abruptness and plans a surprise birthday for her with her family.

Goody begins to put his life back together. He joins Bi Bros Production Company and Tina gains admission to the university. He refuses to listen to his colleagues who try to incite him not to trust Tina because she is now a ‘university babe’. After hearing a sermon about forgiveness, Goddy develops some kind of remorse for his unforgiving attitude towards Tina. He decides to let go of his feud and ‘reunites’ with Tina. They become stronger than ever although she was in school. During holidays she maximum and splendid time with him so much that she becomes reluctant to go back to school. 

Goody works his way so he could be among the production team that will go to the state where Tina’s university is in so he could see her. His colleagues indulge themselves with ladies in the university they tease him profusely and mock him for his stalwartness towards Tina. They tell him his ‘baby girl’ must be having some fun of her own. The story ends sadly when it turns out that his colleagues were right, Tina was one of the ladies picked up by one of his colleagues. Goddy is heartbroken and dismayed.

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