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Friday, January 13, 2017

Let’s talk Music - The Good The Bad & The Ugly™

Knowing the truth, accepting the truth and confessing the truth regardless of emotional sentiments is the sure path for outstanding excellence.

A good chuck (90%) of today’s music lacks substance especially its contents.

In the words of Sesan Adeniji of “why are artistes’ albums empty and devoid of substance and quality? …sometimes is keep pressing next …” it has become a noticeable undeniable fact that stakeholders (Artiste, Producers, A&R, Promoters, Media Houses, and DJays including the consumers) in the business of music need to tell themselves nothing but the TRUTH.

Music is an extra-ordinary powerful tool with in depth interpretations and understanding. For some, it is life. For others it is food for the soul. And yet for others it is a healing therapy. Why? Conscious lyrics, rhymes, rhythm and melody are irresistible.

As a lucrative growing enterprise, extra undivided attention must be given to the smallest of details for either a song or an album to truly withstand the test of time.

Thumbs up to artistes and music producers that have remained consistent in presenting evergreen albums and beats. As an artiste literary, my music is translated into strokes of lines as a growing Author. However, the truth remain NOT every individual will become an artiste. Not all artistes are gifted songwriters. Not all songwriters are soul lifting vocalist. And not all vocalists are excellent performers.

Though, what seems like poison for xyz could be, ‘yommilicious’ for abc. But remember, diminishing returns. Yommilicious abc fans in no time not only get tired and bored but irritated by this same song.

Another truth underneath the carpet is that music has succeeded in creating employment. It is no surprise that the difference is very clear between the authentic artiste and those wannabes artistes. In this regard I refuse to be Pontius Pilate, without favour, the good I find in today’s trending music, is that the sheep that has sense for quality music is not, shall not, would not and cannot allow its sense to be contaminated. 

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