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Monday, July 1, 2013

Humble Beginnings ...

 Godwin Ihemenwa

It was once said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The Roman Empire also was not built in a day. This is the story of Godwin Iheanacho Ihemenwa, a Nigerian born based author, voice over artiste and radio presenter cum radio drama producer whose pen name is Godwin 3ple-i.

For three times, Godwin was denied writing for a motivational magazine, his parish youth magazine in the church and the local council where he was residing. Reason for his refusal was based on his inexperience for writing.
As if that is not enough, he entered for a writing contest thrice and was also not accepted. Not relenting in pursuing his dream, he enters for a writing workshop across borders and was also denied the opportunity.

A representative from the British Council in Nigeria said to him "You are nobody in the arts. What do you know about writing as no individual would ever think of reading your work."
To worsen Godwin’s dream pursuit, his immediate family nick named him ‘the father of failure’

Godwin and I met some time in 2005 (a relationship that has remained very strong) when he came to my office asking that I join the Advisory Board for Houseofklass (I feel in love with that name the first time I heard it). That was after exchanging a few emails as a result of following my column in Success Digest Magazine.

The baritone voiced Godwin I saw and discussed with, looked strong willed. He cut across a youth who has a mission. As usual, I saw beyond the present. What was lacking as I later discovered was someone who will believe in his dreams. And I did, made my little contributions and urged him to move on despite all odds.

A never–say–never enterprising and dynamic chartered administrator, whose burning passion for the arts is felt from a distance. A willing–to–learn young man, whose attributes is admirable as he loves to mingle with scholars and non-scholars. Always wanting to learn something new from people.

Today, Godwin, who 'experts' rejected, have published several articles and the proud author of an outstanding book The Silver Lining which was undertaken and published in the United States of America.

Now that he is successfully published by a foreign outfit, Godwin is the toast of everybody. His family, naturally with great respect is his number one fan. All the organizations he belongs to are now insisting he take up leadership positions. of success.

The next story could be yours. Let's make it happen! Do you think you need a life coach? I can help you get better.

My gospel is for You to succeed!

Dear Lord, bless Godwin, my family, friends and their families reading this article in Jesus name!

I love you. Shalom!

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